Here at The Toner Company, we take great pride in making available the entire line of both original (OEM) and compatible toner cartridges for every Ricoh printer and copier on the market.

If you have Ricoh printers and copiers in your office, please call us today to find out how much money you can start saving on your imaging supplies. We can be reached toll-free from anywhere in the contiguous United States by dialing: 866.618.6637.

Ricoh origianlly was founded as Riken Sensitized Paper, in Tokyo in February, 1936. The company currently employs some 108,000 workers around the world. It operates production and service facilities in 180 countries, spanning Japan, the Americas (North, Central, and South), Europe, China, and Asia.

Throughout the late-1980s and early-1990s, Ricoh served as the primary manufacturer of copiers for Pitney-Bowes. Ricoh also has made copiers for Toshiba, and fax machines for AT&T and Omnifax.